Podcast dutch edition!! Ep. 01 Movies without popcorn

podcast_dutchThis is a dutch edition of our podcast.

Dit is een Nederlandse editie van de podcast @ thebuttonfactory.nl
This edition is about current events. New movies and series, Starwars, zoo and X-files. The Zikka virus, Julian Assange. And a new food product or more a food replacement; Soylent. The shownotes and links of the covered topics are in this post below.

shownotes and pictures:

Links and images as talked bout in the podcast

Imax theatre

Imax theater Rotterdam Pathe

Zomaar een verjaardag

Zomaar een verjaardag..met starwars poppetjes

1991  the starwars trilogy Widescreen VHS trailer

Marvel collector corps

Marvel collector corps

Trailer for Rogue One

Beautifull ladies Carrie Fisher en Susan Sarandon.

Beautiful ladies Carrie Fisher en Susan Sarandon.

Zoo serie 2015

Zoo serie 2015




Joylent Soylent


Jake Soylent


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